Site-Specific Installations 2002-present > Untitled Squall

Untitled Squall
Untitled Squall
nylon fabric, various fabric strips, netting, tulle, sound element

Installation view from Evanston Art Center, Evanston, IL

My work crosses social and scientific boundaries. Untitled Squall grew out of my interest in the similar ways language is used to describe and define severe weather and cancan dancing. I created a storm front of ruffled fabric, thread and tulle skirt-clouds sewn in the same concentric patterns of severe weather that pass over the Midwest. Netted tornado-legs hang down from the ceiling as a sound composition that blends a recording made of a massive Chicago thunderstorm with various tracks of cancan dance music plays in the room. The architecture of the room I worked in at the Evanston Art Center suggested a 19th century dance hall stage. The viewer’s pulse may quicken as they enter the space, hear the thunder, and find themselves looking up the skirts of unseen dancers