Sculptural Work & Exhibitions > Points of Impact, 2008

site specific wire installation
10 x 8 feet

Amy Honchell: Points of Impact
Contemporary Art Workshop, Chicago, IL
May 16-June 20, 2008

Dimensional drawing is significant to me. I translate 2D to 3D in a relatively minimal way. The wire allows me to model and sculpt, but still remains a line. Color is present, but in minimal ways. Wire is a linear, pliable element. These same physical properties are at the root of most elements used in the creation of textiles.

Wire is created when thin strips of metal are DRAWN through holes in a plate, This process is repeated to achieve different gages. I find the notion that the wire is drawn at its creation an interesting play with words/materials. I use the wire to draw in a literal sense, but the way I must physically engage with it (drawing it in lengths off the spool) is a nice little personal parallel.

Whorl was the first wire wall drawing I created.