Everything Comes to Nothing, 2015

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"The mind and the terrain shape each other: every landscape is a landscape of desire to some degree..."
—Rebecca Solnit

I focus on conflating the spaces we inhabit: landscape, architecture, bodies, and minds. My work merges social and scientific boundaries; hidden patterns like topography, weather patterns, and bodily systems provide inspiration for my site-specific installations and drawings. I draw from the histories and structures of textiles, geography, biology, and architecture to create objects and images that are deliberately imperfect, somewhat slippery in form, and occasionally ragged around the edges. I am interested in inverting things and turning them inside out. I enjoy playing with scale.

In my work, drawing becomes a dimensional, tactile action. I draw with dye-based inks on paper, and also with thread and wire, modeling and sculpting the pliable into something solid. I create drawing-based installations, with stitching on the surface of cloth (a gesture that also binds the layers together) and with lengths of wire inserted into drywall to create hybridized topographical map/sculptures. In my installations, the sum of the parts is greater than any individual gesture.

Topology, sewing, and elements of mapping underscore the parallels between the structures and functions of the human body, architecture, and the landscape. I invite viewers to cross unseen boundaries and discover new territories while exploring the sense of touch in a visual way.